Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Friend Dahmer - Derf

My first scan!!!! I'm going to start going through some comics I have that I've never been able to find online. The first being this tiny comic I bought a couple years ago. It's badass. I was having some trouble opening it (got it to eventually) and if you have the same problems let me know and I'll try to fix it.

*download link removed as requested*


  1. The reason a comic book reader can have trouble opening this is because of the MACOSX folder inside. I removed that folder and reuploaded it at

  2. This is a copyrighted work. It's great that you like it, but take down the download, please. You can purchase the book for $2.95 at

    1. No problem. It has been taken down, sorry for the delay but I rarely check the comments.

  3. DERF is updating the whole thing and exapanding it to a whopping 224 pages!!! Won't come out til 2012 though. You can pre order it on Amazon and it's only $12 bucks.
    Awesome art, awesome comic, with a sensitive take on a dark subject. You should BUY this piece of ART. Read it and loan it to your friends. Support awesome comics.

  4. I appreciate that you put it online. I wanted to buy it but it seems its due for March 2012 so I'll be waiting with this version in the meantime. Good Job Derf !